For especially big sushi lovers
– Sushi course in Aachen

We are always delighted that our guests are very interested in sushi – some of them even wanted to learn how to prepare sushi. Therefore, we are proud to offer you a sushi course in Aachen.  After this course, you will definitely be able to make your own sushi at home.

We are happy to respond to special requests. This allows the course to be tailored as individually as possible to your needs.
For further arrivals (for example from Cologne or other parts of North Rhine-Westphalia), we can adjust the times if necessary.

Sakura would like to offer you the following sushi course:

Day / Time:

We are currently accepting applications for sushi classes from September 2023 onwards.
The event will take place on the third Sunday of every month from September 2023.

The start time is at 14:00.
It takes about 3 hours. (2 hours for making sushi and 1 hour for eating)
If you are interested, please send a message using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Number of participants

2-8 persons
Maximum number of participants is 8, and will close when the class is full.


65Euro per Person including all materials like rice, vegetables, fish.


-1- Please bring your own knife.
Sushi class will be explained to you in English by our sushi master.

-2- No vouchers will be issued as part of the sushi course. All communications (including registrations, questions and more informations) will be handled via email only.

-3- Drinks during sushi class hours.
Water and tea are free of charge. Other drinks must be paid for separately.

We will contact you by email with further details.


Arigatou gozaimasu!