For especially big sushi lovers
– Sushi course in Aachen

We are always delighted that our guests are very interested in sushi – some of them even wanted to learn how to prepare sushi. Therefore we are proud to offer you a sushi course in Aachen.  After this course, you will definitely be able to make your own sushi at home.

We are happy to respond to special requests. This allows the course to be tailored as individually as possible to your needs.
For further arrivals (for example from Cologne or other parts of North Rhine-Westphalia), we can adjust the times if necessary.

Sakura would like to offer you the following sushi course:

Day / Time:

Sunday: from 11 o’clock
It takes about 3 hours. (2 hours for making sushi and 1 hour for eating)

Number of participants

2-8 persons


55Euro per Person including all materials like rice, vegetables, fish.


-1- Please bring your own knife.
Sushi class will be explained to you in English by our sushi master.

-2- No vouchers will be issued as part of the sushi course. All communications (including registrations and bank transfers) will be handled via email only.

Payment must be made in advance via bank transfer, please contact us again after transfer. After confirmation of payment, Restaurant Sakura will contact you again. Please transfer the given amount to the following bank account:

Sparkasse Aachen
IBAN: DE54 3905 0000 1072 1460 44
Hiro and Fubuki GmbH

-3- Cancellation policy.
a) Up to 2 days before the reservation date we accept cancellations free of charge.
b) In case of cancellation one day before the reserved date, the remaining amount of the reservation will be refunded minus a cancellation fee of 55 €.
c) In case of cancellations or no-shows on the day of the reservation, the full amount will not be refunded, regardless of the reason.

-4- How to cancel?
All cancellations must be made by email. The cancellation policy will apply from the time of your email. Please do not worry if you receive a late response from us.

-5- Guidelines for reservation changes
a) Up to 2 days before the reservation date, we accept changes to the reservation free of charge.
b) If you change your reservation one day before the reservation date, a fee of 55€ will be charged. The new reservation date will be confirmed after a further transfer of 55€.
c) A change of booking on the day of the reservation will be treated as a cancellation and cannot be fully refunded for any reason.

We will contact you by email with further details.


Arigatou gozaimasu!